How to Convert Temperature from Kelvin To Celsius With Example

If you are working in the science labs for various experiments, measuring temperatures become very important task to do. There are lots of different ways available out there to measure temperature for example Celsius, Fahrenheit, Kelvin, rankine, Reaumur and etc. but in the cases of most experiments Celsius, Fahrenheit and Kelvin had been using since a long time. Basically Fahrenheit, Kelvin and Celsius are the scales to measure temperature and those were invented by some renowned scientists of our universe. So in the order to know the process of converting temperature to Celsius from Kelvin we must know the matter entirely.

What is Kelvin scale?

Kelvin scale basically a thermodynamic scale mostly used in the experiments of physics and chemistry. Kelvin is a basic SI unit of temperature having the symbol of K. it was invented by the engineer and physicist of Glasgow University, William Thomson first baron Kelvin. Kelvin is now getting used by tons of people all over the world. The Kelvin scale fulfilled the expectations as a complete thermodynamic scale. Its null point is absolute zero. Like Fahrenheit and Celsius someone does not need to put degree while writing the value of temperature in Kelvin. One specific Kelvin is equals to the change in the thermodynamic temperature T and that gives result in the change of thermal energy kT by 1.380649 x 10 -23.  Kelvin is often used in the conjugation with the degree Celsius because it has the same magnitude. In the Kelvin scale 273 is defined by 0 In the Celsius scale. In the fields of science and engineering Celsius and Kelvin are used very much in the same page. Actually it often happens that the absolute temperature is given in Celsius but the intervals of temperature are given in Kelvin. 2005 was a very glorious year for the Kelvin because in 2005 the organization CIPM have arranged a program to redefine the usage of Kelvin more gloriously by showing that the Kelvin keeps the same value as the Boltzmann constant which is 1.3806505 x 10 -23.

What is Fahrenheit Scale?

Fahrenheit scale was invented by the German physicist and an instrument maker Fahrenheit Gabriel Daniel in 1714. Who used to be a local resident of the Netherlands. Fahrenheit scale is a temperature scale that uses to measure temperature. This scale set up the boiling point of the water at 212 and freezing point at 32. This scale nowadays mostly used in the United States and in the Caribbean countries. And the rest of the world is using the Celsius scale to measure temperature. In this scale the zero point was set by placing the thermometer in a mixture of ice water and salt. The stable temperature was taken as 0. The second point at 32 and the third at 96 which was basically the temperature of human body known as the blood-heat.

What is Celsius Scale?

Celsius scale also known as the centigrade scale. Used by millions of user all over the world for experimental works. This scale was invented by the Swedish astronomer Anders Celsius in 1742. In this scale the boiling point of the water was set on 100o and the freezing point of water was set on 0o. It is called as the centigrade scale sometimes because of the interval of 100 degree between the stable points. The Celsius scale is used as general wherever the metric system of units has been used. It is the SI unit of the measurement of the temperature. Later part of the 19th century 0o in Celsius method has been used as the boiling point of water and the 100o for the melting point of the snow. So eventually the 0o was used at the cold end and 100o at the hot end.

How to Convert Temperature from Kelvin to Celsius?

Well like other processes to change the temperature units to another, changing the temperature from Kelvin to Celsius is also very much easy. You just have to follow the methods I am going to mention below. So as we already know that the 0 reading of Celsius scale starts from 273 in Kelvin scale. So it will not be easy as the conversion and the addition of other terms like length or weight. So in the normal process when we start counting something then we start from the 0 and then we just add the value of quantity we want to cover. So the basic formula to convert temperature from Kelvin to Celsius is

                                                             C= K -273

Here in this notation C represents the temperature value In Celsius what you are opting to convert and the K stands for the value of temperature in Kelvin. As the counting of temperature values in Kelvin scale starts from 273 then whatever the value is it might be the addition of the specific value and 273. So if you have to change it to the Celsius then simply subtract 273 from the given value and you will be able see the exact figure of the temperature value in Celsius.

EXAMPLE: what if you have to convert 373K in Celsius?

Well the solution is pretty easy

  • 373K – 273 is equals to 100

Then the temperature in Celsius will be 100oC.

Conversion table

0K -273 C
10K -263 C
20K -253 C
60K -213 C
80K -193 C
90K -183 C
130K -143 C
190K -83 C
230K -43 C
273K 0 C
300K 26 C
320K 46 C
330K 56 C
340K 66 C
373K 100 C

How to Convert Temperature from Celsius to Kelvin?

Converting temperature from Celsius to Kelvin is the reverse process Kelvin to Celsius. So if there is a temperature given in Celsius then it will be 0 + that specific temperature in Celsius. So if it is needed to be in Kelvin then it have to be 273 (because it is the zero in Kelvin) + that specific temperature in Celsius. Here is the main formula given below.

                                                           K = C + 273

Here in this equation K stands for the value of temperature in Kelvin and C stands for the value in Celsius. After putting the formula into the work you will find out the temperature in Kelvin very easily.

EXAMPLE: what if you have to convert 100oC into Kelvin?

  • 100oC + 273 will be 373K

So answer will be 373 in Kelvin scale.

-273 C 0K
-263 C 10K
-253 C 20K
-213 C 60K
-193 C 80K
-183 C 90K
-143 C 130K
-83 C 190K
-43 C 230K
0 C 273K
26 C 300K
46 C 320K
56 C 330K
66 C 340K
100 C 373K

Final Lines

So this is all about the methods for converting temperature from Kelvin to Fahrenheit and . If you are getting trouble to find out the key of the correct conversion process then don’t worry follow the process we have mentioned above. This will help you to get your done very easily.

So once again we want to thank you all for going through this article. We will keep updating this post with new fact and reasons. So keep visiting our site and if you find any problem while applying these methods mentioned above then obviously let us know in the comment section, we will help you out as early as possible.

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