What Is Denatured Alcohol or Ethanol?

Denatured alcohol is basically what we called as the ethanol, methylated spirit, wood spirit or denatured rectified spirit and this particular substance includes some additives that makes it worst to be consumed by the human beings.  Here the term denaturing actually unfolds the fact of plucking out a specific property from the alcohol that makes the alcohol being unable to be consumed. But that does not change the chemical formation of the alcohol or make it decomposable. Components like denatonium , pyridine, methanol can be added to denatured alcohol  to make it taste bitter and poisonous.

Somewhere over united sates denatured alcohol is widely used as the cooking stoves and alcohol burners. The main process that is being used as the front way method to produce the denatured alcohol is mixing up some additives like methanol, acetone, isopropyl alcohol and methyl ethyl ketone each in the percentage of 10. Denatured alcohol is sold in United States which has more percentage of methanol in it.

Points to be noted about denatured alcohol

  • Somewhere over the world few countries put color to the denatured alcohol. But in the United States there is no use of it. So it becomes far difficult for someone to identify the denatured alcohol by its appearance.
  • The term called denatured have been added to alcohol because there might be some poisonous additives have already included to the alcohol to make it unable to be consumed.
  • While denaturing the ethanol the basic substance that is being used most of the time is the methyl alcohol or methanol. Methanol can be very dangerous for the human beings because if it gets absorbed by the skin and goes into the stomach then symptoms of intoxication might appear. It can also affect your nervous system very badly and can give birth to other health issues of the body.
  • One question might appear here that is it possible to blow out the harmful substance from the denatured alcohol to make it drinkable? Well the answer is yes, it is possible but the process would be so much difficult as various additives have been used to make it unable of getting distilled or simply blocked the procedure of reversing the denaturation. Methyl alcohol is the commonly used substance because it has the same boiling point as the ethanol. Sometimes other additive like pyridine is also used. Actually there are lots of other ways available for denaturing alcohol but in general formation all of them are quite similar. According to the British regulations published in 2005 the formulation of denaturing alcohol must conduct the following process.

10% of wood naphtha and 0.5% of crude pyridine must be mixed with 90% volume of alcohol. And with the resulting solution mineral naphtha in proportion of 4 liters to the respect of 1000 liters of the solution and 1.75 grams of methyl violet to the respect of 1000 liters of solution must be added.

  • Denatured alcohol is mostly used for the experimental works of the lab and sometimes as a reactant in the production of a specific product. Basically denatured alcohol is the grain alcohol or the different formation of the ethanol which includes some additives that makes it inappropriate for consuming by human beings.

How does denatured alcohol look like?

Ethanol is colored as blue or purple by `putting aniline dye in some countries all over the world just to make people aware about the harmfulness of denatured alcohol. But there is an exceptional case found in the United States where the denatured alcohol required not be colored. So it becomes extra difficult to people to find out that the alcohol is pure or not?

Why alcohol is needed to be denatured?

Someone might come up with a question that why alcohol is needed to be denatured and what is the relevance behind making the alcohol poisonous instead of keeping it pure? Well alcohol is being taxed by so many governments over so many countries. And if pure alcohol comes to the market and being sold for household purposes then the price of alcohol would be cheaper and people will be able to get the alcohol very easily for consuming.

Chemical definition of denatured alcohol

Several processes could be taken for getting the ethanol denatured. Most of the time denatured alcohol is being used as the fuel or solvent for preliminary lab works. Denatured alcohol includes 5% of methanol as the main additive to make it inconsumable. Methanol is a flammable substance having a boiling point close to ethanol. Methanol basically is a very harmful chemical for human body and can do several damage to the body if it is get absorbed. So it is highly recommended not to make cosmetics with the denatured alcohol which have methanol in it. There are different types of denatured alcohol available to use in the making of perfume or bathing materials. Specially denatured alcohol (SDA) is a particular denatured alcohol which contains several chemical components that is not harmful for being used as the cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

Uses of denatured alcohol

From the above information it is clear that denatured alcohol is not for being consumed. There is other field available where it is more useful. Denatured alcohol is used commonly instead of ethanol in the form of fuel, laboratory and surgical purposes. No matter what denatured alcohol is not more useful than pure ethanol. It is totally being held as per the public policy confrontation. Denatured alcohol does not include heavy taxes over it, so that people could buy it very easily but cannot consume it. So there is a fact coming out that if the pure ethanol would be so cheaper like denatured alcohol to be used In the commercial purposes then there are so many chances that it would be used as the drinking liquid by handful of people.

Cautions about denatured alcohol

  • In spite of knowing the truth about denatured alcohol, it is often having been seen that some people drink it as proxy alcohol. This can be very dangerous if it is consumed while in the presence of methanol in it. Components like pyridine and denatonium is often added to put the bitter taste into denatured alcohol. So it is a humble request for everyone that please does not even make your mind to feel your mouth worst.

Final lines

So this is all about I have mentioned above about the facts and uses of denatured alcohol. How it is being made and how it can put someone to the death if consumed. So if you are the one who is finding the entire information about denatured then this is the correct place to come.

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