what is polymer? definition and reaction

Polymer; a very popular term that is mostly used in composites and plastic industry nowadays, often as a very suitable substitute for resin or plastic. A wide range of materials with a variety of different properties exist in polymer. Most of the polymers are often found in our common household goods like toys, clothing and utensils. They are also being used in construction materials and in other huge number of products.

So, you might have a query about the important facts of polymer like what is polymer, what is the polymer definition, what are the uses of polymer or what is polymer clay?

Don’t worry guys, in this particular guide I’m gonna share all the amazing knowledge and facts about the polymer. Before continuing it is important say that, here you will get to know some important terms regarding polymer; such as polymer 80, polymer clay and ark organic polymer. We will discuss about them in the later part of this article.

Definition of Polymer

Basically, a chemical substance with different or same molecules, bonded up together in long and repeating chain is called polymer. Depending on their different structures, polymers hold up some unique properties that can be ventured for various works.

Polymers can be either man-made or naturally occurring. For example, rubber is very popular polymeric substance which is completely natural and has been used for thousand years. It has an awesome quality of elasticity that has been resulted from the molecular chain developed by the nature.

Shellac is also a very popular natural polymer that is being extracted from the Lac bug In India and Thailand. And this is widely used as sealant, varnish and paint primers around the world.

Cellulose is the most common natural polymer existed in earth; an organic compound that is being found in the cell walls of the plants. It is often used to produce textile products and other materials.

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